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Vale supports Samarco​`s actions from first day of accident

Vale, as a shareholder of Samarco along with BHP Billiton, has been participating actively in measures to guarantee the safety of people affected by the accident that occurred at the Fundão and Santarém tailings dams in the municipality of Mariana, Minas Gerais, on November 5. During these last five days, the company has provided human and material resources to aid Samarco with its rescue and retrieval work for people left homeless by the accident. Around 100 employees are directly involved in these activities. Our teams have helped Samarco in obtaining materials needed for initial care for displaced people, and in registering and identifying lodgings in the region. In all, accommodation has been provided for 631 people in Mariana. Company doctors, nurses, social workers and other employees are working around the clock to assist the victims. The health center at the Alegria Mine, which belongs to Vale and is located near the accident site, has been made available to help victims.

Vale has provided helicopters and 30,000 litres of aircraft fuel, used to rescue the victims in the impacted areas, as well as three cars and two ambulances. A helipad at Alegria Mine has been made available for rescue teams. Six of Vale’s trekking specialists are also helping with the work, as well as a number of loss prevention and control technicians. Five off-road trucks (used in mining operations), a wheel loader and a dozer are doing reconstructive rockfill work on the burst dams. A dam specialist and two geotechnical engineers from Vale have been assigned full-time to assist Samarco.

In the first days following the accident, Vale delivered 1,000 bottles of mineral water to ‘Arena Mariana’, the facility where the displaced people were initially taken before being accommodated in the city’s hotels. In the municipality of Acaiaca, 5 km from Barra Longa, one of the districts in Mariana affected by the mud, Vale has set up a water extraction system, featuring a pump, power generator and pipes, dedicated to supplying two tanker trucks. These trucks are continuously transporting water to clean up the area. A water extraction system has also been installed in Barra Longa to serve residents.

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