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Vale inspects 115 of its dams

Following the bursting of the Fundão tailings dam, Vale carried out a detailed verification of the structural conditions of its 115 most significant tailings dams at the weekend. The following were inspected: access roads, tailings ponds, crests, berms, slopes, surface drainage, internal drainage systems, abutments and overflow systems. No alterations were detected. In the next few days, inspections of all Vale’s dams will have been completed.

Eighteen of Vale’s geotechnics professionals, as well as a number of office teams, worked on an emergency basis at the weekend, contributing to the speed of the inspection results. Vale stresses that, as well as applying best practices related to the maintenance of its dams, its structures are audited by specialist external consultancies. All applicable legislation has been strictly complied with.

Vale emphasizes that it has been working alongside Samarco from the very start and is providing unconditional support to all those affected by the unfortunate accident. “We can obviously never go back in time and restore the lives lost in this tragic episode, but we will do everything we can to help rebuild the lives of the affected people, and to restore the environment. To us at Vale, ‘life matters most’ is our overriding value,” stated Vale’s CEO, Murilo Ferreira, who was in Mariana in the early hours of Saturday, providing full support to Samarco and Vale’s teams involved in the work there.

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