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Vale has bought 14.5 million liters of mineral water to Governador Valadares, Colatina and Baixo Guandu

Vale has bought 14.5 million liters of mineral water to serve the population of the municipalities affected by the contamination of the Rio Doce, as a result of the accident of Samarco dams in Mariana, on November 5th. Of this total, 10.187 million will be delivered in Governador Valadares and the rest to Baixo Guandu and Colatina. The quantity purchased ensures consumption of more than 3 liters per inhabitant per day, for 12 days. Vale is acquiring this volume from seven suppliers in three states and the water will be transported to the three cities by road and also by Vitoria a Minas Railway. This Vale initiative complements Samarco’s efforts to ensure sufficient supply to the local population affected.

The distribution will be held by government agencies in each municipality, until the supply of the cities is restored. The first trains carrying mineral water have also been delivered in the city. In total, 20,000 liters of mineral water in gallons of five and 20 liters, have arrived in the city. Until today, over 31,000 liters of mineral water will be arriving.

Besides the mineral water, four tank cars with 240,000 liters of water for human consumption are available, coming from Ipatinga, 120 kilometers from Valadares, to help supply the city. This initiative is part of a series of emergency actions being taken by the company to support Samarco in an effort to ensure water supply in the municipalities of Vale do Rio Doce.

“Our teams are fully mobilized and united to support the community and Samarco at all times. The priority is to make our railway and logistics fully available in this effort, “says Henry Wolf, institutional relations of Vale. To the director of Eco-efficiency projects and Samarco, Maury Souza Júnior, the company will never be omitted in its obligation to provide any assistance to affected communities. “We are engaged in everything, absolutely everything that is within our reach regarding human rights so that those affected are assisted,” he says.

Vale will contribute, while is necessary, with water transport in support to the public agencies, which are responsible for distributing the material by municipality. The company is also providing support to Governador Valadares and Samarco with the release of its area-of-way for the construction of a new pipeline that will bring water to the community.

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