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Vale has already sent 1 million liters of drinking water to Colatina (ES)

On Friday (20th), Vale sent 660,000 liters of drinking water to Colatina, located in the Northeast of Espírito Santo state. The amount is addition to the 420,000 liters of drinking water that were already shipped to the city on Wednesday and Thursday, totaling approximately 1 million liters this week. It is expected that, starting this Saturday (21st), Vale will start to deliver at least 360,000 liters of drinking water to the city every day to support the actions of Samarco in serving those affected by contamination from the Rio Doce due to the dam accident that occurred on the 5th.

All of the water is being transported by the  Vitória to Minas railroad. To enable this transport trains were mounted with up to eight 15 meter long platforms carrying sealed water tanks.

In total there are three trains dedicated to the transport of water. The train available for Colatina has a capacity of 360,000 liters of water and can make up to two trips a day to refuel in Victoria. Another train with a capacity of 120,000 liters of drinking water per day is available to the Baixo Guandu, Aimorés, Resplendor and Itueta regions which are on the border of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais. The third train is dedicated to the supply of Governador Valadares, in the east of Minas Gerais, with a capacity of 300,000 liters of drinking water.

Mineral Water

In addition to drinking water, the trains also have the capacity to transport mineral water according to the needs of each municipality. On Friday (20th), Vale sent 190,000 liters of mineral water to Colatina, in addition to the 100,000 liters sent on Wednesday and Thursday. The city already has enough stocks for the next days. Vale is now also offering 50,000 liters of mineral water daily to the Baixo Guandu, Aimorés, Resplendor and Itueta regions. In Governador Valadares, the first city to have water shortages located in the east of Minas Gerais state, about 4 million liters of mineral water have been available since last week.

In total Vale has bought 14.5 million liters of mineral water to serve the population of the municipalities affected by the contamination of the Rio Doce.

This water is being delivered progressively by suppliers and made available to the competent local bodies for distribution.


Teams from Vale and Samarco are also in Colatina digging wells that will enable alternative sources of water intake to help maintain supplies in the municipality. In all, six wells are expected to be drilled. They will be connected to the city’s water treatment plant as soon as the water is discovered and will have their water quality and available water flow certified.

The flow rate of the first well, which is 120 meters deep, should be 15 m³ / h and the water quality is already being analyzed. It is expected that the first well will begin operation this weekend and will be connected to the treatment plant through a pipe that is already being assembled. In addition water has been found in two other wells that have been drilled, they are in the process of being deepened and will then follow the same process. The water flow and water quality will be assessed before being connected to the treatment plants.

On another front, engineering teams from Vale and Samarco are in the field studying the possibility of water uptake from the Limão lagoon and the Rio Pancas as an alternative perennial water source for the city. Vale has also made Samarco’s water trucks available to supply the population of Colatina since the 9th.

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