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The Germano dam is stable and is being monitored in real time

Regarding the Germano dam in Minas Gerais State, Samarco has informed that:
“The dam’s structure and dykes are in a stable condition. These structures are being monitored in real time using radars and daily inspections by the company’s technical team. In addition, drones, laser scanning and existing geotechnical instrumentation are being used for the technical evaluation, as readings at the Germano dam are automated with online data acquisition.
The main structure at the Germano dam has a factor of safety above 1.9. A factor of 1.0 indicates that a structure is at its limit. One of the smaller supporting structures, called the Selinha dyke, has a factor of safety of 1.2. Information obtained through monitoring and inspections indicates that the structure is stable, despite the factor of safety being below the minimum recommended by Brazilian law (NBR13028) for normal operating conditions.
As an additional safety measure, we have begun preventative actions to reinforce the base of the Selinha dyke in order to elevate its safety coefficient.”

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