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Report proves that there was no kerosene in the water supplied to Governador Valadares

Laboratory examinations performed on water taken from the railway cars used to transport water to Governador Valadares did not identify contamination by any type of fuel, including kerosene. The examinations were carried at Vale’s request by the Mérieux NutriSciences Laboratory, an international company that is qualified to carry out the tests performed. See the report below (Portuguese only):

Vale has been clarifying since last week that it collected water from the location indicated by the Minas Gerais State Sanitation Company (COPASA), in Ipatinga, and transported it in tank railway cars used to combat forest fires. These railway cars have carried only water over the last four years and have never been used to transport kerosene. Vale delivered the water to Governador Valadares at a location previously agreed with local authorities.
For as long as is necessary, Vale will continue to contribute by transporting water, supporting the work of the public agencies responsible for the distribution of water throughout these municipalities. The company is also providing support to Governador Valadares City Hall and to Samarco by freeing up part of its right-of-way area and enabling the construction of a new pipeline to provide water to the local community. Vale reiterates its commitment to provide all of the necessary support to Samarco and local communities in order to mitigate the consequences of the events that took place in Mariana on November 5.

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