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Mineral waste from the accident will not reach Bahia, says Inema

The wave of mineral waste, which formed after the accident that occurred at Samarco’s Fundão dam, on the 5th November, has virtually no chance of reaching Bahia. This comes from Eduardo Topázio, the monitoring coordinator of the Institute for the Environment and Water Resources of Bahia (Inema). In a statement published on Wednesday, 25th, on the Institute’s website, Topázio denied the rumors circulating through social networks, that the mineral waste has reached the coast of Bahia.

“The distance between the estuary (aquatic environment where the river and the sea meet the Doce River) and these other places is huge. It would take a long time to get here, taking into account the dynamics of the sea. The trend of the river current, this time of the year, is going south, and Bahia is to the north of the mouth of the Doce River“, he said through a statement. According to the expert, there is an extremely remote possibility of the mineral waste reaching the southern coast of Bahia, particularly the beaches of Itacaré, Alcobaça and Abrolhos.

“All the climatic conditions of the region and the displacement of mineral waste have to be considered. During rainfall, it is natural for brown spots to appear in the sea, which can confuse people into thinking that it is the ore tailings”, finished Topázio.

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